Solar Repair/Service Upgrade in Oxfordshire

We are approved installers for Solax and Solar Edge systems as well as replacement for Fronius and SMA inverter direct from manufacturer.

Solar panels very rarely have any problems but issues Can arise due to birds and adverse weather conditions and the angle panels have been installed allowing debris to collect.

Looking after your system with the correct measures will ensure your system operates at peak performance, which benefits your pocket where a neglected system will cost more to rectify.

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Hardware Inspection

Performance readings to verify panel efficiency. All connections are torqued to correct tightness in Isolators.


Inverter check for faults if present.

Periodic inspection certification for circuit to regulation standard and identify upgrades required to current regulations.

Bird Nesting:

Verify to see if nesting has occurred under panels. If wildlife is a problem measures can be installed to prevent further damage.

This does not include: Cleaning panels, replacement panels or inverters in fault not working. Materials or labour cost are additional. Repair service is offered.


Solar Repair/Service Upgrade in Oxfordshire by DJH Renewables

Approved installers

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Solar Repair/Service Upgrade in Oxfordshire