Solar & Battery Installations in Oxfordshire

Domestic solar installs require roof measurements and a detailed proposal stating number of panels that can be installed, optimizing the capacity of up to 4kw on your roof with a range of panels. Also detailing the type of inverter and other solar equipment to be used with a calculation of savings with potential returns now being offered by several energy suppliers ( FIT Payment)

The yield of the system is shown by using a specific calculation which takes into account positioning and roof pitch and if shading needs to be taken in account and how this can be overcome.

We also offer retro fit which is rails on a roof this is the most common type of install or inline systems where the panels become the roof using trays.

We are also capable of installing field mount systems using a table mount system or sun tubs.


If you decide to go for Solar on a new install it is advisable to consider a battery storage system which will then store unused power during the daytime allowing you to use during the night time saving you further money by not drawing off the grid at 100% capacity.

This again can save you up to 30 - 35% off your energy costs, optimising your system.

This option can also be considered if you already have a system installed and future proofing the way your energy is used making your house a greener solution and putting you back in control of your energy costs.

This also means if you have a power outage you will still have basic electrical items working.

Benefits of Battery Storage

  • Fossil fuels – reduce dependence on Fossil fuels as they are now considered damaging environmentally and will lower you carbon footprint.
  • Use power when you need it. – Soaring energy prices, solar with battery storage gives you clean energy without the need of the national Grid or the energy supplier. Estimated costs saving between 30-35%
  • Increased resilience – Store energy enabling you to have power during an outage.

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Solar & Battery Installations in Oxfordshire